Note as of 2019: Red Hat now publishes native DataStream files. So You no longer need to follow steps in this blog. You can download final files files at

This blog describes how to prepare Red Hat OVAL (RHSA/CVE) content for automated vulnerability audit using Foreman or Red Hat Satellite 6.1.

Using RHSA stream on single machine

Red Hat publishes OVAL content for assessing vulnerabilities at The easiest way to audit Red Hat Entrprise Linux for unpatched vulnerabilities is to run following commands:

$ wget
$ oscap oval eval com.redhat.rhsa-all.xml.bz2

Note: Older oscap may not support .xml.bz2 natively. Please unzip the file first by running bunzip2 com.redhat.rhsa-all.xml.bz2.

Create RHSA DataStream

Download RHSA stream

bunzip2 com.redhat.rhsa-all.xml.bz2

Port XCCDF 1.1 to XCCDF 1.2

xsltproc --stringparam reverse_DNS com.redhat.rhsa \
    /usr/share/openscap/xsl/xccdf_1.1_to_1.2.xsl \
    com.redhat.rhsa-all.xccdf.xml \
    > com.redhat.rhsa-all.xccdf12.xml

Ensure the newly created file is valid

oscap xccdf validate com.redhat.rhsa-all.xccdf12.xml

Create DataStream from the downloaded OVAL and from transformed XCCDF

oscap ds sds-compose com.redhat.rhsa-all.xccdf12.xml NEW-RHSA-DS.XML

Now You have DataStream ready for a distribution using Satellite 6.1+. Learn more about upcomming Satellite 6.1 features at

Security compliance automation with Red Hat Satellite - 2015 Red Hat Summit