Another SCAP feature has landed in Spacewalk-nightly. It is a web page that allows users to search scan results. User can search xccdf:rules(-s), by their text fields (fulltext), by the results of evaluation, by the time, and/or by the systems.

search form

Let’s take a look how a complex query could look like. For example, I want to search systems that recently reported that they don’t have boot loader locked by password. For this purpose I need the content, which checks for such configuration option and the systems my Spacewalk has scanned.

From the contents I have learned, that XCCDF rule for boot loader passwords are regarded by CCE-1818-2 identifier, so I put this down to the text field of the search form. Next, I want to see systems which are not compliant with this rule, so from the drop-down box I choose the fail result.

The third selection determines whether to search scans on all the systems, or on a subset only. Concept for managing subset of systems is called System Set Manager (SSM). And since I actually do want to search only a few systems which I’ve selected afore, I choose to search within the SSM. Bellow, I specify date range: since the beggining of the month up to now. And finally the last choise I leave unchanged.


The search shows that my Spacewalk keeps track of two evaluations (rule-results) of CCE-1818-2 which match given criteria and differs in the idref field (XCCDF Rule Identifier). So far so good, but I get a list of rule-results, while I would much rather get a list of systems. Hence, I change the last search choise to List of XCCDF Scans, which will search XCCDF TestResults instead. Only those TestResults are returned which contain rule-results returned by previous query.


Now, I can see that two different machines fails to have the boot loader locked. I’ll fix them right after I’ll have coffee.